1 December 2013 Next festival screening coming up in January 2014   ANGELS AND GHOSTS has been selected for its next festival, in London, UK. More info coming soon, but for now we can tell you that the screening will take place in early January, as part of a world class programme of… Read the rest of this post

Conditional funding

Today I received conditional funding for the film. I’m excited but there’s a lot more work to do before the money is secured. The Wellcome Trust want to see a script in order to be convinced that the short film will be of a high enough standard. They also want more information on the science…. Read the rest of this post

The funding application

Today I finished my application for a Wellcome Trust People Award. I like to work up to the wire and the deadline is today! The Wellcome Trust is an incredible organisation. They are an independent charitable foundation free from political or financial influence. They mostly fund biomedical research, but they also support projects, which engage… Read the rest of this post

The Artist

I have worked on many films, which use CGI to create incredible scenarios – from volcanic eruptions to solar storms and a supertornado (BBC, Channel 4, Discovery etc.) I’ve also worked on animated projects and enjoy the freedom this gives you to create quite fantastical worlds. I want this film to use animation, but to… Read the rest of this post

The Idea

I have been thinking about making a short film about psychosis for a while. Throughout my life I have known both family and friends who have experienced psychosis and I’ve always wondered whether I just know a more eccentric and quirky number of people or whether psychosis is more prevalent than I’d thought!? Some of… Read the rest of this post