The Idea

I have been thinking about making a short film about psychosis for a while. Throughout my life I have known both family and friends who have experienced psychosis and I’ve always wondered whether I just know a more eccentric and quirky number of people or whether psychosis is more prevalent than I’d thought!? Some of the people I know just had one episode and came out the other end quite quickly. Others have struggled for years facing a series of sections under the mental health act and requiring more long-term medication.

I looked at some statistics and found that 3% of people will experience psychosis in their lifetimes making it more common than diabetes. The two most common causes of psychosis are bi-polar disorder & schizophrenia, but there are many other illnesses that can result in psychosis.

I work as a documentary and drama Producer/Director specialising in science and I know that I don’t want to make a public information film. I also know that many films about mental illness are told from the patient’s perspective. I want to tell a story about a group of siblings and how this experience affected them. The protagonist is the sibling without psychosis, who has to battle to understand what is happening to her loved ones.

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