The funding application

Today I finished my application for a Wellcome Trust People Award. I like to work up to the wire and the deadline is today! The Wellcome Trust is an incredible organisation. They are an independent charitable foundation free from political or financial influence.

They mostly fund biomedical research, but they also support projects, which engage the public with scientific themes relating to health (they spend £600 million a year, they have an amazing investments team!) They ask people to consider, question and debate the key issues in science and society, and so each year they offer over £3 million – through wide-ranging Engaging Science grants programme – to support projects that encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to be informed, inspired and involved.

The Wellcome Trust support projects in many different areas, including film-making, theatre productions, exhibitions, discussion and policy-influencing events and multimedia.

The grant process is a difficult one – you have to have a thick skin and not get down heartened by rejection!

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